“Wake up, feed dog, explore, make photographs, eat, sleep, repeat.”

That’s the life I’ve been working to create for myself since 2005. After much planning and hard work I was finally able to escape the drudgery of a 9-5 cubicle job in 2016. Since then it’s been a challenge but still 100% worth every minute.

Now I live and travel in an RV on the move as much as I can, viewing the world like a toddler in a toy store. Seeing photos at every turn, collecting imagery, stories, thoughts and emotions the only way I know how and hoping they somehow connect with you too.

This is my work, my life, my love. Thank you for being here. ~ Wayne



A friend once called me the rustographer. It stuck, I decided to run with it, be it and own it. Capturing the textures, beauty and stories hidden within the oxidization of metal of classic and vintage automobiles is my first true love.


Land, Water & Wilderness

It's kind of a given that while traveling I'm going to see other amazing shots I need to take. Being still in nature whether land locked or by the sea is something I need much of. Hopefully this translates through my images.

Rural & Rustic


Many times the places where I find the rusty cars have an abandoned infrastructure surrounding them. These buildings and places hold so many stories and harbour so many ghosts one has to wonder about the lives lived long ago.

"I ordered a framed print as a gift for my son. It arrived in perfect condition and on time. We are very pleased with the print and will likely order another for his next birthday ... old and rusty is his thing!


Wayne is fantastic to work with! Answered all my questions very promptly (including recommendations on finish and size based on needs), went out of his way to ensure I would receive the item on-time, and was genuinely pleasant and appreciative. The item is beautiful and exactly as pictured/imagined. My husband loves it. Thank you so much, Wayne!

ON, Canada
Landscape Rust Abandoned Nature roadside Travel Automotive Rural Seaside
Landscape Rust Abandoned Nature roadside Travel Automotive Rural Seaside