It really is that simple for me. I don’t know what else to do. I started drawing and doodling at a young age, then in Elementary school I had a short stint where I was “writing” and directing short plays at recess and lunch hour. Art was always a big part of me growing up, but then it became about drums and cameras in high school. One eventually had to wait it’s turn, drumming won first spot with photography always within arm’s reach. Eventually sticks were retired for lenses, and here we are.

As a photographer I lean towards the past. That is where the stories are. Stories we may never be told but I like to find these things and let my imagination create. Sometimes they are sad stories, sometimes they are stories of a triumphant escape to a better life. Really though, we will never know, but that in itself is a story. I like to find the subjects of these photos and for a brief moment share a breath with them. To connect with their material shell and show the beauty that still exists within the time they’ve got left. 

Landscape photos for me are similar but different. It’s safe to say that there are not many places left in this world that haven’t been touched and most likely photographed by man.  To me it’s incredible to pretend that I am the first human to witness and capture such natural beauty and grandeur that so many places hold. This way of thinking allows me to escape the images I may have already seen of each place and gives me more freedom mentally to create my own.

I have roots in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada but am currently on a perpetual road trip of North America to make more new images because, well you know, I’m passionate about photography. I really like to travel to find and make these photos. My photography education is ongoing and I don’t have a bunch of history and awards to ramble on about. All that said, I’ve won a few contests and have had some images featured on many media websites, blogs, news outlets and magazines both print and digital.  So that is kind of cool.

I’m also trying to make this big blue marble a slightly better place by giving my gift to those less fortunate whenever I can. Less popular than I thought it would be I still feel that we should always be celebrating those small milestones, victories and stories we create within our lives. So I try to help with that. 


After over 20 years, many records, tours and 100s of shows, I decided to shift from the chaos of the music business to something I had total autonomous control over. My photography successes and failures would be own.


the years of suck

Starting back up with my outdated film cameras I began to shoot more and more. Soon realizing that I needed to switch to digital, to allow myself to experiment and grow at a more cost effective rate. As with many creatives, much of my early work makes me cringe but also shows growth.

2005 - 2008

Getting It

These are the years that things started to click (pardon the pun). The internet was buzzing with so many different ways of shooting, lighting, editing. Places to share and connect with other photographers were everywhere and I started to get out and explore more.



I started to realize I was doing something right. Started to sell the odd print. Had some photos used in some publications, both online and in print and started doing shoots with models and people.

2008 - 2012

The Travel Bug

After crashing from severe day job burnout I decided to take a cross Canada road trip to take photos. Just me, my Nissan Xterra and Canadian winter. From October into 2010 I drove, wandered, hiked and shot. Then dropped the hard drive and lost everything. But I wasn't done!


The Blind Leap

After the last road trip across Canada I simply needed more. Got rid of my Vancouver apartment and most of my "things". The Xterra and I explored the Southwest USA until my money ran out. Returned in March and started working on a long term plan. I was hooked.

2010 - 2011

Prairies & Plans

After my Southwest USA photography road trip I was completely sure of what I wanted to do and had learned what I needed to do to at least get started. Get a new job, get out of debt, minimize, upgrade to more pro gear, focus and keep learning. This lead me to 4.5 years back in Calgary Alberta.

2011 - 2016

This is when the current stage of my life started. I was debt free and ready to go. Started my Youtube channel for the travels and left Calgary in April of 2016 and have been away exploring ever since. It's not always been easy, working remotely to pay the bills has taken a lot of my time away from shooting but I'm confident that flip will happen.


Pandemic Struggles

Like for many, the pandemic has not been kind to me but still I remain positive that the future will be prosperous. I continued to shoot when I could but with job loss and financial struggles it's been a tough go with a few extended yet temporary stops to regroup and ride out this global setback.

2020 - 2021

NFTs - A new Era

As winter gives way to spring of 2022 I find myself excited and inspired for a whole new way to see, share and collect art while truly supporting the artists and photographers who create it. I am now also selling my photos in this amazing new digital space and would love for you to truly own an original photo. The future looks amazing.


Amazing photography, Amazing service. In Wayne Stadler Photography's collection there are several award-winning quality photographs. The one that spoke the loudest to me was 'You Only Die Once'. I decided to order it from the website, and was incredibly impressed with the various choices I had in how I wanted it printed, and displayed. The prices for these beautiful pieces was reasonable, it was delivered in about a week, packed well, and the company's follow-up was a nice personal touch. Thank you for the wonderful addition to my art collection. You truly have a gift, Wayne.

BC, Canada

I can’t say enough about Wayne’s unique “eye” I was stumped on what to give my father for Christmas one year. He loved old cars - light bulb moment! Wayne’s selection of old cars was just what I needed, however deciding on just one was my biggest challenge - they were all amazing. My dad loved my choice and couldn’t wait to hang it up. Because I was such a big hit with my dad, I did the same for my husband for his birthday. He’s an Eagles fan and amateur guitar player and I quickly zoned in on The Corner - the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Again, I was a hit! The perfect gift for that hard to buy for person or something for yourself that’s distinctive, Wayne’s your guy.

AB, Canada