The collectible art market is an ever growing, ever evolving entity that is stretching beyond the realms of what we used to know. As more and more people spend more and more time online in digital and virtual spaces the desire to decorate those spaces has grown as well as the ability to do so. 

I’m not about to try and explain NFTs to everyone here. There are many resources online that do a much better job than I can and those are where you should be educating yourself about this new amazing technology before diving in. In a nutshell, it is now possible to legitimately own the “original” of a digitally created photograph.

If you already know all about NFTs and would like to view my collections and 1/1 offerings please check out my images and links within this page. I hope a piece speaks to you and you welcome it into your life.

Wayne is fantastic to work with! Answered all my questions very promptly (including recommendations on finish and size based on needs), went out of his way to ensure I would receive the item on-time, and was genuinely pleasant and appreciative. The item is beautiful and exactly as pictured/imagined. My husband loves it. Thank you so much, Wayne!

ON, Canada

Wayne inspires with his photos, his eye is unique; his photos speak comfort and peace. I love my rainbow in the desert and am proud to tell people I know the artist personally