1. Where are you located?

I'm currently living a vagabond life, on the road full time living in an RV with my rescue dog. After riding out the recent pandemic with family on the east coast of Canada we'll be back on the road adventuring, exploring and shooting again soon.


If you are interesting in following our adventures please check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

2. Where can I purchase prints?

Prints on various media will be available here very soon. This is a new version of my website launched late February 2022 and I'm still working out all the bugs in the shop section. 

However, if you'd like a print please use the contact form and drop me a line. I'd be happy to personally take your order and get your print on it's way to you.

1. What are NFTs?

Explaining NFTs in whole is a large and very intricate subject. It would be best to do your research and decide if it's something you'd like to get into.


As for photography and art think of it this way. Up until the internet if I were to say, buy the Mona Lisa and hang it in my house. I would be the owner of the original and have a letter of authenticity saying I was the owner. Sure, there would be copies, prints and posters of the Mona Lisa everywhere but I would be able to say that I was the owner of it.


In the present, expanding wild frontier that is the digital space, NFTs are a way for artists and photographers to sell originals. I can sell a photo as an NFT which is the digital form of a letter of authenticity. It can be a limited edition, say 1 of 5, or a 1 of 1 where the buyer would own the original and the only one. Now yes, just like posters, postcards and prints of the Mona Lisa, others can use a now digital "copy" of the same photo but they would NOT technically own it. 


NFTs are basically becoming the digital form of everything from art ownership to collectables and trading cards with the possibility for so much more of our daily lives down the road.

2. Where can I buy NFTs?

There are many NFT marketplaces online. Depending on what you're looking for you may want to google and explore your options. I am currently offering my work on the Opensea Marketplace as well as Foundation.

3. How do I buy an NFT?

Because the proof of ownership of NFTs are being offered as securely as possible on what is known as a blockchain, meaning they can't be manipulated, hacked or altered, NFTs are bought and sold via crypto currencies such as Ethereum.


Again, this is a subject that you will want to research to really understand before jumping in.


Once you understand the fundamentals of NFTs any photos I offer as NFTs can be purchased through the marketplaces they are listed on.